Shaolin Kungfu

Beginner: White Card-Basic Training
(Kicks And Stance) (Wu Bu Quan)

Level 1: Yellow Card-Routine Boxing
(Tai Zu Chang Quan) (Qi Xing Quan)

Level 2: Green Card-Staff
(Yin Shou gun) (San Shi Liu Gun)

Level 3: Blue Card-Broadsword
(Mei Hua Dao) (Shao Lin Dao)

Level 4: Purple Card-Straight Sword
(Da Muo Jian) (Shao Lin Jian)

Level 5: Red Card-Long Spear
(Shi San Qiang) (Shao Lin Qiang)

Level 6: Black Card-Whip Chain
(Jiu Jie Bian)

Chinese Shaolin Kungfu

Shaolin Kungfu is an ancient art form originating over 1500 years ago in the Shaolin Temple located in the Songshan Mountains of Dengfeng, Henan, China. There are different theories as to how the Shaolin Kungfu technique came about; some say that Bodhidarma, a Buddhist monk from India, began teaching the monks movements to improve their health and fitness and that these movements gradually evolved into what is now known as Shaolin Kungfu. Others say that monks from all of China brought varying fighting techniques to the temple, which were used to defend the temple against hostile invaders. Shaolin Kungfu is a powerful and extraordinary art, and its practitioners can perform astounding feats, like Iron Body, in which a Master can be struck with sticks and metal bars, lay down on spikes, hang by the neck, and be pierced with spears with no injurious consequence- this was practiced as the ultimate form of self-defense; do a pushup or handstand with only two fingers; throw a needle through a pane of glass to pop a balloon on the other side, and many other amazing feats. In our society, those without the time or the means will rarely have the opportunity to train in Shaolin Kungfu as a full-time professional, and thus may not be able to put in the time or energy necessary to achieve these feats, but there is still much to be gained from the training itself.

There is something to be gained by people of all ages:

*Quick Thinking
*Stress Relief
*Stronger immune system