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Our Address : Los Angeles, CA 90012


We accept:


Our prices with year program:

4 class for Month ($17/class)

8 class for Month ($15/class)

12 class for Month ($13/class)

more then 12 and every day ($9/class)

Our prices with 6 month program:

4 class for Month ($19/class)

8 class for Month ($17/class)

12 class for Month ($15/class)

more then 12 and every day ($10/class)


*Q: Do I have to be very flexible to start trainingin Shaolin Kungfu?

*A: No, flexibility will increase with training.

*Q: What ages can train?

*A: Anyone over 4 years old, We teach both children and adults.

*Q: What is the best time for me to come in?

*A: Please come in ANYTIME during our normal business hours.

*Q: Do I need previous experience in martial arts?

*A: We train students of all levels, including beginners with no previous martial arts training.

*Q: Do I have to already be in good shape to train?

*A: No. In class we train you in conditioning to build up the strength needed to execute the moves.

*Q: Why should I train with you?

*A: You will gain so much from training in this ancient art: both mental and physical strength and flexibility, discipline, patience, balance, perserverance, and knowledge of an ancient Chinese art form. Our school is unique because our Teacher is a true Shaolin Master. He trained for 10 hours a day, 6 days a week for over 10 years to learn his art. He knows what it takes to develop his students’ skills, and has incredible patience and invaluable knowledge straight from the source -The Shaolin Temple-that makes him a great teacher. We are also conveniently located, reasonably priced, and have a brand new facility. Parents can sit in comfort, using free WiFi and have some coffee or tea while they wait.

*Q: What should I wear?

*A: We have school uniforms and Kungfu shoes for training available for sale, but for your first class you can wear comfortable sportswear (pants and T-shirt) and soft shoes.


*Q: Which class should I come to?

*A: You can come in anytime during our scheduled business hours Monday thru Saturday. It is a good idea to call us before you come in to give us a heads up.Our classes are mixed level classes, so regardless of your level, you may attend anytime.

*Q: What do you do in class?

*A: We begin with a warm-up and stretching. Then we practice techniques including stances, striking, kicking, sweeps, jumping, and blocking. Then we do forms and weapons, and then conditioning.

From the ancient Quan Yin Monastery in Taishan, in Guangdong Province, China comes the Kung Fu style of Tsoi Li Ho Fut Hung. Also known in America as “San Soo,” this Kung Fu was developed for real world self defense – and even offense – when circumstances for protection and survival require such action. San Soo provides the practitioner with reality based tactics, strategies, body mechanics, and the psychology of combat that optimizes one’s chance of survival in the unfortunate event of having to protect your life, the life of your loved ones, or your comrades in arms. San Soo Teaches all forms of striking (using fists, feet, elbows, knees, orearms, head butts, etc), joint locks, combat grappling, pressure points, ground fighting, take downs, throws, and finishing techniques. With training, the San Soo student learns to deal with the circumstances of a violent encounter with learned techniques of combat (made automatic through repetitive practice and free style application) to effect an outcome of survival.   San Soo is about survival – not “winning a contest.” Going home to your family at the end of the day is the goal. The San Soo techniques taught provide you with a range of fighting skills from controlling an opponent using non-lethal techniques to seriously injuring, or dispatching, your opponent (in a worst case scenario), depending on the situation. Additionally, psychological techniques to deal with an adversary to help you avoid a physical confrontation altogether, is also an important part of the teachings of San Soo.